Due east at 8:10 this evening, about half-way up from the horizon, the twin stars of Gemini mark the heads of Castor, above, and Pollux, below. The twins have a rich collection of mythology, often as sons of Leda, but having different fathers – Zeus and Tyndareus. Strange? Well, just remember it’s a myth.

As the twilight ebbs from the western skies, Jupiter enjoys a rendezvous with the waxing Gibbous Moon, just one day past its First Quarter. The pair are quite high in the southeast near 5:15 PM, and crest due south an hour later, two-thirds of the way up from the horizon, as darkness becomes complete.

High in the northern skies Cassiopeia, the Queen rules from her throne. Finding first the zig-zag of stars that looks like an “M” this time of year, use the fainter stars to perhaps see an upside down throne, the tall back angling lower to the right, and the legs extending up and left.