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The only public planetarium in Vermont invites you to take a tour of the cosmos, get transported by extreme weather, or travel through time to the age of the dinosaurs. Choose from a selection of films and in-person presentations during your visit. Or reserve the planetarium for a private show!

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What’s Happening at the Museum?

June 29

Declan McCabe, professor of biology at Saint Michael’s College, guides this exploration of pond life.

Space Sundays

A summer playgroup for your toddler and you!
Meet on 5 Sundays to blast off for fun.

July 26
Wild Mushrooms

Ecology, Identification, & Foraging Basics
Annabelle Langlois, M.Sc.

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Current Weather Information for June 25, 2024

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Early valley fog. Sunny, some high clouds late.
80s, upper 70s far north

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Periods of clouds, warmer. A few showers north.

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Partly sunny, breezy, warm. Late-day showers in NY.
75 to 85

Mix of sun and clouds.


A few early showers, then increasing sun. Cooler.
Mainly 68 to 75

Eye on the Night Sky

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

The southern skies welcome the brightest section of the Milky Way sliding up from the horizon, accompanied by the pattern of stars called “the Teapot”, with a triangular lid, a pot underneath, and a handle attached on the left, with the spout on the right. The bright portion of the Milky Way sits at the center of our galaxy.