The Big Dipper is as low as it gets along the northern horizon. At 6:20 PM EST, the right edge of the “bowl” of the Dipper is exactly above north. Follow the line formed by these two stars, the “pointer stars”, and they will guide you up to the North Star, Polaris, located half way between the horizon and the zenith.

Tomorrow morning, Venus rises a half hour later than earlier this month, but continues its splendid display, joined from 5 to 6 o’clock by the bright, though much fainter star, Spica to its right. Spica marks the hips of Virgo, the Maiden, just returning to the skies, however, it won’t be until spring that she appears in the evening skies.

Due east this evening at 6:50 PM will be a faint cluster of stars called the Pleiades or Seven Sisters. To see them easier, look slightly to their side (either one), and their faint light hits a more sensitive part of your eye. In Japan they are known as “Subaru” – yes, the same as the car – which means “to gather together”.