The Full “Cold” Moon rises well to the north of east, and rides a very high path across the skies, located near where the summer sun is found. The Full Moon is opposite the Sun’s location, thus the reverse is true in summer, with the Moon traveling low across the southern skies – the winter Sun’s path.

The nearly Full Moon appears surrounded by stellar admirers, located among the brightest collection of the stars we see. To the Moon’s left are the Twin stars of Gemini, while Orion’s bright stars are on the right. Rising below Orion by 8 o’clock are his hunting Dogs, and well above the Moon is Capella, while Aldebaran shines well above Orion.

The Summer Triangle has survived into Winter! Its three bright stars still offer an excellent view, one third to half way up in the west, with the star nearest the horizon being Altair, setting tonight at 7:45 PM EST, Vega much brighter, close to the same height but much farther right, and Deneb, fainter, and well above Vega.