One of the outstandingly bright stars in the skies passes nearly overhead tonight. Capella is dazzling in the east-northeast, about half way from the horizon to the zenith at 7:45 PM. By midnight, the 4th brightest star we can see from the northern hemisphere is almost straight above.

Rising at 8:10 PM this evening is the first of the two “dog stars”. Procyon literally means to precede, and is the brightest star in the Little Dog. The brilliant Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, rises farther to the southeast about 8:45 PM, along with the waning Gibbous Moon much farther right.

For those that enjoy the early mornings, tomorrow and Saturday mornings will add some interesting celestial viewing. Rising by 3 o’clock, but much higher and easier to view by 6:00 AM, a waning Crescent Moon makes its monthly visit to the bluish-white star Spica, just below the Moon, the pair one third of the way up in the southeast, fading as twilight brightens by 6:30 AM.