Tonight’s full moon of April is also known as the “Pink” Moon. This is a great time to see one of the Moon’s prominent craters, Tycho. Binoculars show it near the bottom as a hub for a series of lines radiating outward, or “rays”, caused when a meteor crashed into the Moon 110 million years ago.

With the last of the twilight dying in the western skies by 8 o’clock, look to the east-southeast, where the Moon, full last night, rises within the constellation Libra They keep each other company through the night, cresting due south around 1:45 AM.

The brilliant star in the southwest to the left of Orion’s belt is Sirius, the Dog Star. As it lowers closer to the horizon, notice that as it twinkles, it flashes many colors. Its light is bending on its way through our atmosphere, giving us pin-point glimpses of its spectrum or rainbow, one color at a time.