The Moon rises about an hour before sunset this evening, and reaches its moment of being exactly Full as it sets very close to sunrise tomorrow morning. This is the first of three days in which the Moon appears full, and remains in the sky all night long. This timing earned it the name, the “Harvest Moon”, offering light for harvesting right through the night.

The Moon is Full each month as it reaches a position exactly opposite the Sun, so tonight’s Full “Harvest” Moon rises as the Sun sets, and then sets as the Sun rises tomorrow morning. This timing can vary due to the Moon’s tilted orbit, about 5 degrees compared to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

Just as the last of the twilight fades by 7:15 this evening, you’ll find the nearly Full Moon again rising, to spend the night crossing the heavens. About an hour later, well to the lower left of the Moon, a marked bright object rises, much brighter than any star, the enormous Jupiter. The Moon slides even closer to Jupiter to open up October tomorrow.