Catching astronomy events before sunrise in May gets more challenging as the Sun rises earlier and earlier. If you can get your eyes open between 4:30 and 5:00 AM tomorrow, the waning Crescent Moon shines to the right of the planet Saturn, low in the east-southeast. The Moon returns to visit Saturn at the end of this month – even earlier!

Although the twilight starts early, and overwhelms most of the stars by quarter of 5 in the morning, early risers tomorrow morning will enjoy an engaging arrangement of the waning Crescent Moon, sitting between Saturn on the right, and Mars on its left. They are low in the east-southeast from 4:30 until twilight get too bright by 5:00 AM.

The early morning twilight offers a challening view of a thin, waning Crescent Moon, and the relatively faint Mars, quite low in the east-southeast from 4:30 AM until about 4:50 AM. Mars spends the next several months in the mornings, but by the end of the year is much brighter while it works into the evening skies through next winter.