The view to the southeast is quite impressive by 9:00 PM this evening. Low above the horizon, the Dog stars Procyon on the left and a bit higher, and Sirius much brighter on the right, are featured with Orion above them. Meanwhile, the rusty orange planet Mars teams up with the orange-red star Aldebaran, quite high in the southwest.

Two bright stars are rising in the northeast this evening, known as the Twins, or Gemini. A close look shows they are not identical. As the pair climb higher in to the east-northeast, the whitish-blue Castor appears a little less bright than his mythical brother, Pollux, shining more of a yellowish-orange.

The Summer Triangle is slowly bidding farewell as it rests in the west-northwest, its three bright stars spanning the Milky Way, or the “Great River in the Sky” as it’s known in the Orient. Our galaxy arches from the west up to the top and then down to the eastern horizon.