Tomorrow morning, July arrives for early risers with a fine display of the waning Crescent Moon to the upper right of the reddish Mars, slowly starting to brighten in the morning skies. The viewing starts near 2:30, and fades in the brightening twilight by 4:30. You might catch Jupiter, much brighter but much lower and to the left by 4 o’clock.

Mornings continue to be the center of attention for celestial displays, with a thinning Crescent Moon to the right of a faint patch of stars, the Seven Sisters, or the Pleiades. We typically think of them as a late fall or winter sight, but they always start their displays in the mornings of July.

The waning Crescent Moon continues its early morning tour tomorrow, now just a curved sliver of light to the upper left of the returning Jupiter. Jupiter’s 12 year orbit around the Sun means it changes mostly because of the Earth’s orbital motion, lifting it a little higher, and rising a little earlier each day. It makes it back into the evening skies this fall.