Today is the “seventh day of the seventh Moon” – moons being months – and is the traditional day for cultures in the Far East to celebrate the story of the Goddess of Weaving and the Handsome Farmer, more familiar to us as the Summer Triangle, directly overhead shortly after 1 AM EDT.

Tonight near midnight, the bluish-white star Vega is nearly overhead, while the brilliant pale-orange Arcturus is about half way up from the horizon in the west. Between them, about two thirds of the way from Arcturus up to Vega, a bow-tie shaped pattern of stars can be found, outlining the figure of Hercules.

The second brightest star in the summer sky, Vega, appears nearly overhead at midnight. From the zenith, lower your focus into the east, still quite high, where another bright star catches your attention, Deneb, highlighting the tail feathers of the constellation Cygnus, The Swan.