The thinning Crescent Moon again joins Venus and the red star Antares, but this time appears just to the right of the red star from 5:45 until 6:30, when the twilight overwhelms the scene. To their lower left, even closer to the horizon, the planet Mercury makes one of its better morning appearances of the year through the rest of the week.

Mercury continues its early morning display for early risers tomorrow morning. As you enjoy your first cup of coffee, Mercury shines low but bright above a low, level southeast horizon from 6:15 through 6:40 AM, not to be confused with the much brighter, much higher Venus to the upper right. A very thin waning Cresent Moon just barely appears before sunrise to Mercury’s lower right.

Orion, easily seen even on a moonlit night, displays some if his fainter features near the dark of the Moon. Below Orion’s three bright “belt stars” dangles a sword. Follow the line of his belt to the upper right, where a modest curved line of stars outlines his hunting bow, though it is also imagined as a shield, and even a bath towel.