Late this evening, near 11 o’clock, a waning Gibbous Moon lifts into the east-northeast, easily outshining its stellar companion, the star Regulus to its right. It’s interesting to note that the Sun passes Regulus in late August. Connecting that to this evening, the Moon follows the Sun’s August path, which means it rides very high in the south, cresting two-thirds of the way up in the south tomorrow morning at 5 o’clock.

The Great Square of Pegasus, due south and very high at 6:30 this evening, will help locate the beautiful Princess Andromeda. The top left corner of the square is also the head of the Princess, with two other bright stars to the left forming the hips and foot. Extend this slightly curved line one more step to the left, almost due east and you are at Mirfak, the head of the hero, Perseus.

One of the outstandingly bright stars in the skies passes nearly overhead tonight. Capella is dazzling in the east-northeast, about half way from the horizon to the zenith at 7:45 PM. By midnight, the 4th brightest star we can see from the northern hemisphere is almost straight above.