As the Big Dipper rides low in the northwest, consider the Native American tale of this bear being hunted by three hunters (the three stars of the handle). When they see him and shoot, his blood falls from the sky, turning the leaves red during the fall.

Venus continues to brighten as it rises earlier each morning, starting at 3:40 AM, accompanied to its upper left by the waning Crescent Moon. They’ll enjoy each other’s company for a couple of hours before the twilight brightens after 5:30. This is the first in a series of monthly encounters of the Crescent Moon and Venus for early risers this fall.

Looking due south this evening at 9:15 PM, almost two thirds of the way up from the horizon, the bottom star of the Summer Triangle, Altair, will help guide you to a tiny constellation inside the Triangle. Above Altair, a line of moderately bright stars forms the Arrow, Sagitta, its feathers “split” on the right.