The Full “Hunter’s” Moon enjoys the company of Jupiter as they rise in the east during the fading twilight, and remain close through the night. In order for the Moon to be Full, it is positioned directly opposite the Sun. With Jupiter in the vicinity, this must be true of Jupiter as well. More precisely, Jupiter reaches its opposition on November 3rd.

The bright, bluish-white star Vega is due west and very high at 7:00 PM EDT. Vega is one of the nearer stars to us, at a distance of 26 light years. This young star is tinted blue because it is very hot, burning up its fuel much faster than our Sun.

As Hallowe’en approaches, look for the star Algol, the “ghoul” that marks the head of the hideous monster Medusa, a great Hallowe’en costume! Look northeast at 7:30, where the brightest star in Perseus, Mirfak appears (not to be mistaken for the brighter Capella below). To the right of Mirfak, a little lower, shines the spooky Algol.