Today marks the latest sunrise of the year. But wait, doesn’t that happen in December near the Winter Solstice? That would be true, except the date for changing from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time now occurs so late, that our sunrise is ten minutes later today, then in late December.

Standard Time has returned, but what does that mean? The idea of a “standard” time, and time zones, replaced the Sun as the method for determining noon. Local noon is when the Sun is directly south, but when trains made long distance travel possible in the 1800s, train schedules required standardized, rather than local time.

The first of two minor meteor showers peaks tonight, known as the Southern Taurid Meteor Shower, to distinguish it from the Northern Taurids next weekend. This meteor shower remains active from late September through early December, tossing 5 to 10 meteors per hour across the heavens, some blazing a path as brighter, more dramatic fireballs.