Tonight near midnight, the bluish-white star Vega is nearly overhead, while the brilliant pale-orange Arcturus is about half way up from the horizon in the west. Between, about two thirds of the way from Arcturus up to Vega, a bow-tie shaped pattern of stars can be found, outlining the figure of Hercules.

Very low in the west, as the twilight fades from 9:45 through 10:15, you’ll see Venus, brilliant but low above the horizon. Look to Venus’s upper left, where a pair of contrasting objects appear – the reddish planet Mars just to the upper right of the white star Regulus, the brightest star in Leo, the Lion. Mars slips a little higher than Regulus over the next few nights.

Well after midnight, the waning Crescent Moon climbs into the east-northeast, followed by Jupiter, shortly after 1 o’clock. For night owls, you’ll find them easier to see by 3 o’clock, due east and less than one quarter of the way up, and for early risers they’re a bit higher in the east-southeast between 4 and 4:30 AM tomorrow morning.