Mercury continues its early morning display for early risers tomorrow morning. As you enjoy your first cup of coffee, Mercury shines low but bright above a low, level southeast horizon from 6:15 through 6:40 AM, not to be confused with the much brighter, much higher Venus to the upper right. A very thin waning Cresent Moon just barely appears before sunrise to Mercury’s lower right.

Orion, easily seen even on a moonlit night, displays some if his fainter features near the dark of the Moon. Below Orion’s three bright “belt stars” dangles a sword. Follow the line of his belt to the upper right, where a modest curved line of stars outlines his hunting bow, though it is also imagined as a shield, and even a bath towel.

The Milky Way, known in the orient as the “River of Light”, is home to many bright stars, including Capella, a brilliant white star some 46 light-years away, the sixth brightest star in the skies. You’ll find it nearly overhead this evening at 9:45 PM EST.