Just as the clock strikes midnight, a Last Quarter Moon arrives in the northeast, just to the right of a pair of stars, known as the Twins of Gemini. Although the arrangement varies from month to month, the Moon makes it a monthly habit to visit the Twins, part of the Moon’s cycle through all the constellations of the Zodiac, or “signs” of the horoscope.

Over the next few mornings, the pre-dawn skies host a conjunction of Leo, the Lion’s brightest star, Regulus, one third of the way up in the east-southeast by 6 o’clock, joined by the far-brighter Venus to its lower right. A waning Crescent Moon shines high above them tomorrow morning, settling just to their left by Monday morning.

The Draconid Meteor Shower peaks this evening, and the absence of the Moon allows star gazers dark skies to catch this minor event, most years producing fewer than 10 per hour. Occasional bursts hundreds per hour have occurred when their parent comet, Giacobini-Zinner, swings through the inner Solar System every 6.6 years, next in 2025.