While the King and the Queen, Cepheus and Cassiopeia languish near the northern horizon, Draco, the Dragon has slithered higher into the northeast. Though his stars aren’t overly bright, look for his tail starting between the Big and Little Dippers, then curving around the Little Dipper to the right and down.

With Mother’s Day tomorrow, look to the southern skies, where you’ll find the constellation Virgo, often connected to the Greek goddess of agriculture, Demeter, and the mother of Persphone. Demeter is overjoyed each Spring as her daughter returns from the Underworld, and celebrates by bringing the natural world back to life.

A waxing Crescent Moon slides just to the lower right of a pair of conspicuously bright stars, almost half way up, and due west at 9 o’clock or so this evening. These are the “twins” of Gemini, the horoscope or zodiac constellation from late May through the Summer Solstice. While bright, the stars are not identical, with Pollux, on the left, brighter than Castor on the right.