With twilight subsiding in the west and northwest after 9 o’clock, look in the west before 9 o’clock, where a slender Crescent Moon and the dazzling Venus emerge between one quarter and one third of the way up above the horizon, gradually settling lower through the evening. Above Venus shine the twin stars of Gemini.

Can you find Venus in the daytime? It is possible when Venus is near its greatest separation from the Sun, which happens in just a few weeks. Today has an added advantage – the Crescent Moon is about the width of two fists, at arm’s length, to the left of the Moon. They are due south within a few minutes of noon, more that two-thirds of the way up.

Last night’s Crescent Moon, very close to the Twin stars of Gemini, and the planet Venus, continues to grow in its orbit around the Earth. That shifts the Moon well left of the Twins, and above the red planet Mars, due west at 9:30 PM, one third of the way above the horizon.